• RelaxoDog放鬆情緒器 同時有靜音及音樂兩款制式 1年保養 Many animal owners know the problem that their faithful companion, despite good education and training in stressful situations is simply overwhelmed and unintentional behavioral problems shows (eg while driving, home alone, the visit to the vet, unexpected noises such as fireworks, etc. ). RelaxoPet has recognized this problem and, with its specially developed, subliminal (subliminal, high-frequency tones and tone sequences), successfully helps to avoid these stressors, whether in your own home or in non-animal environments, because RelaxoPet works completely independently of the powerful lithium battery a power outlet. The RelaxoPet sound module works with its special, on the sensitive sense of hearing of dogs and cats tuned sound versions, and let the animal thereby deeply relax. With the RelaxoPet sound module, the owner can choose whether the output should be for dogs or for cats and this with or without additional relaxation music, a simple switching is enough and already works RelaxoPet for human hearing silently. Diverse stress situations, such as a thunderstorm, environmental change, fireworks are now finally a thing of the past. 很多宠物的主人知道的问题,她的忠实伴侣,虽然在家良好的教养和教育在紧张的情况下和不想要的行为问题的节目(例如,根本忙不过来时坐汽车,独自访问兽医,意想不到的噪音,如烟花,等)。 RelaxoPet已经认识到这个问题,并与它的特殊设计,潜意识(潜意识,高频率的声音和旋律)成功地帮助避免这些压力,无论是在自己的家中或在动物陌生的环境,因为RelaxoPet的工作原理是完全独立的大容量的锂电池电源插座。 该RelaxoPet声音模块的工作原理与其特异性,针对狗和猫的声音版本的灵敏的听觉,让小鸟深深放松。 业主可以选择RelaxoPet音源输出为狗或猫是否应该和这个有或没有额外的放松音乐,足以轻松切换,并已RelaxoPet工程,为人类的耳朵静静。 多样的压力情况,如雷暴,环境变化,烟花现在终于成为过去。 Application areas in dogs Petting puppies training stress aggressiveness Anxiety general reassurance change of ownership destructive behavior wrongdoing Fireworks | Thunderstorm Panik hyperactivities lack of social behavior marking behavior Vet visits Ranking disorders travel anxiety separation anxiety constant barking environmental changes obsessive-compulsive disorder 狗的应用领域 宠爱小狗 训练压力 侵略性 焦急 一般的保证 所有权变更 破坏性行为 坏事 烟花|雷阵雨 panik hyperactivities 缺乏社交行为 标记行为 兽医访问 排名障碍 旅行焦虑 分离焦虑 不断吠叫 环境变化 强迫症 *相片只供參考
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  • PetEsthe Bath Salt Muskmallow 日本原裝入口 用植物提取成分濕潤清潔寵物皮毛,新鮮的野外香氣能恢復振作起寵物的情緒。
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  • Stella & Chewy's Lamb Heart Treats 3oz 成分: 100%羊心 營養分析: 粗蛋白(最少) 64% 粗脂肪 (最少) 6.00% 粗纖維 (最多) 2.00% 水份 (最多) 5.00% *成份及營養分析只作參考,請以包裝袋上英文說明為準 不添加激素或抗生素 無顆粒或填料 無麩質 無穀類 無人工防腐劑或色素 生產地: 美國 Made in U.S.A. *相片只供參考
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  • Stella & Chewy's Lamb Liver Treats 3oz 成分: 100%羊肝 營養分析: 粗蛋白(最少) 60% 粗脂肪 (最少) 5.00% 粗纖維 (最多) 2.00% 水份 (最多) 5.00% *成份及營養分析只作參考,請以包裝袋上英文說明為準 不添加激素或抗生素 無顆粒或填料 無麩質 無穀類 無人工防腐劑或色素 生產地: 美國 Made in U.S.A. *相片只供參考
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  • Stella & Chewy's Beef Liver Treats 3oz 成分: 100%牛肝 營養分析: 粗蛋白(最少) 64% 粗脂肪 (最少) 5.00% 粗纖維 (最多) 1.00% 水份 (最多) 5.00% *成份及營養分析只作參考,請以包裝袋上英文說明為準 不添加激素或抗生素 無顆粒或填料 無麩質 無穀類 無人工防腐劑或色素 生產地: 美國 Made in U.S.A. *相片只供參考
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  • Stella & Chewy's Chicken Breast Treats 2.75oz 成分: 100%雞肉 營養分析: 粗蛋白(最少) 74.4% 粗脂肪 (最少) 3.00% 粗纖維 (最多) 1.00% 水份 (最多) 5.00% *成份及營養分析只作參考,請以包裝袋上英文說明為準 不添加激素或抗生素 無顆粒或填料 無麩質 無穀類 無人工防腐劑或色素 生產地: 美國 Made in U.S.A. *相片只供參考
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  • VET'S+BEST Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews Dog Supplements 30 Day Supply Feeding Directions: 1 chew daily for all dogs. Provide fresh water at all times. Support your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing with Vet’s Best Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews Supplements. Our great tasting, extra moist daily chews have the essential vitamins and minerals (including vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium and zinc) your dog needs each day. A HEALTHY FOUNDATION – Vet's Best Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews (30 count) supports your dog’s long-term active and healthy lifestyle by combining 20 synergistic nutrients. ONCE-A-DAY – Densely packed with active ingredients providing a high level of bioavailability for optimal absorption, our Multi-Vitamin Soft Chews give you the ease and simplicity of a once-a-day supplement. VETERINARIAN-FORMULATED – Each soft chew contains a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to promote your dog's wellbeing. NATURAL OCEAN KELP – Our formula, made with natural ocean kelp, provides antioxidants and prebiotics to help reduce the effects of normal environmental stress, support a healthy immune system and digestive health. QUALITY – Each bottle carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal. Active Ingredients: Guaranteed Analysis per 4 gram soft chew minimum unless stated otherwise. Crude protein 14%, crude fat 12%, crude fiber (max) 2%, moisture (max) 14%, calcium 3.75%/150 mg, phosphorus 2.5%/100 mg, potassium 0.3%/12 mg, magnesium 0.5%/20mg, iron 5 mg, copper 50 mcg, manganese 5 mg, zinc 2.2 mg, selenium 10 mcg, vitamin A 1200IU, vitamin D3 200 IU, vitamin E 20 IU, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 1 mg, Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 3.75 mg, Niacin (Vitamin B3) 10 mg, Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 1 mg, Folic Acid (Vitamin B9) 50 mcg, Vitamin B12 10 mg, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 50 mg. *圖片只供參考
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  • VET'S+BEST Advanced HIP+JOINT (90 tabs) 維持軟骨及組織健康,保持關節活動能力 葡萄糖胺保持關節潤滑,支援強壯及健康的骨骼 抗氧化劑有助清除有害自由基 每粒含600mg葡萄糖胺,400mg軟骨素,300mg MSM 適合一歲以上所有體型犬種食用 30磅或以下 早晚各一粒 30-60磅 早晚各1.5粒 60磅或以上 早晚各2粒 Helps support normal, healthy cartilage, connective tissue, and joint mobility Uses glucosamine, chondrotin, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and an antioxidant blend for joints, strong bones, and removing free radicals Natural ingredients are scientifically optimized to a low molecular weight for better absorption and digestion to maximize effectiveness Perfect for large breed dogs and small breed dogs 1 year and older; especially good for senior dogs *圖片只供參考
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  • Vet's + Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste for Dogs, 3.5 oz SOOTHING AND EFFECTIVE – Vet's Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste is a veterinarian formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes. CLEANS AND FRESHENS – Freshens breath and gently cleans away plaque and tartar. PART OF A HEALTHY REGIMEN – Supports your dog's dental hygiene between annual cleanings at your vet's office. NATURAL FLAVORS – Your dog will love the great taste. You will love how it brightens and whitens teeth while freshening the breath. SAME FORMULA, NEW PACKAGE – The same great Vet's Best dental gel is now available in an easy to use squeeze tube. *相片只供參考
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