Canine Caviar

  • Canine Cavia Buffalo - Paddywack (Neck Meat) 水牛頸肉可為你的愛犬帶來一個持久&滿足咀嚼的小食 有助於維護您的狗的牙齒和牙齦 Canine Cavia 水牛來自優質100%自然草範圍內餵養。 •散養草飼水牛 •無激素和抗生素 水牛相比牛肉,少70%至90%脂肪,平均具少50%的膽固醇。 水牛在開闊的草地吃天然草。因為他們不餵製造飼料 Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack are extra meaty to give your dogs a long-lasting, satisfying chew (helping to reduce tarter and maintain your dogs teeth and gums). Canine Caviar Buffalo Paddywack come from premium quality 100% free range grass fed buffalo. •Free-Range Grass-Fed Buffalo •Hormone and Antibiotic-Free Buffalo have 70% to 90% less fat compared to beef, on average it has 50% less cholesterol. Buffalo graze on open grassland & natural grass. Because they are not fed manufactured feed, there is no concern about mad cow disease at this time. guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein 80% min. Crude Fiber 3 % max. Crude Fat 2 % min. Moisture 10 % max. 分析: 未加工蛋白質80%以上。 未加工纖維3%最大。 未加工脂肪2%以上。 水分10%以下。
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