Pal Dog

  • Pal Dog - Boo Boo Treatment Gel •清爽不油膩的溫和配方,適合任何年齡的犬隻使用 •含有山金車,茴香,金縷梅,聖約翰草等草本精華成份,特別針對擦損、割傷、燙傷、蚊叮蟲咬、腳甲斷裂的皮膚問題,幫助去腫散瘀,消炎抗菌,加快傷口癒合 •混合了薰衣草油和花卉精華,幫助減輕狗狗的恐懼焦慮 •是家居必備的寵物急救護理產品 •本產品的精油成分,可能會對貓隻引起刺激,不適合貓隻使用 •Boo Boo Treatment Gel contains "pet-friendly" herbs such as Arnica, Fennel, St. John's Wort. •Contains a special blend of flower essences used to calm animals in fear situations. •Keep this gel in your medicine cabinet for quick and easy "pet first-aid". •Not for use on cats due to stimulating essential oils.